• How to Furnish a Home Office

    Many people who start working from home think they don’t need a dedicated office. However, it never takes long to realize that assumption is wrong. Having a separate space to ply your trade not only makes practical sense, such as keeping your work papers away from areas where the kids might be playing or your spouse might be making dinner, but it also makes emotional sense. We need to keep some space in between our personal and professional worlds.

    Once you’ve found the right in-home space for your office, you’ll need to furnish it. Here’s what you should buy to get yours ready:


    First and most obvious, of course, is a desk. Some people like sturdy American made wood furniture for their workplace, including built-in bookcases and pull-out keyboard drawers. Others prefer a small metal desk without any bells or whistles.

    Whatever your style, you’ll want to set a budget before you actually go to the store. That way you won’t get pulled in by a pricier option and blow your entire office budget on one piece of furniture.

    Desk Chair

    It’s tempting to save money by buying an inexpensive office chair with little lumbar support. But that would be a huge mistake. It’s worth spending the extra dough to get a chair that encourages healthy posture. You’ll be sitting in this chair for hours at a time, and you don’t want to spend half your paycheck on chiropractic appointments to fix your ailing back after buying a cheap chair.

    Filing Cabinet

    No matter what your business, you’ll need to track expenses, client invoices and maybe even payroll. A filing cabinet will help you keep track of everything and keep your business on track as well.


    Of course, you’ll need to sort all the things that you’re keeping track of for your business. Feel free to indulge in some fun colors. Not everything about business needs to be stuffy!

    Wall Décor

    Many people keep their home offices as stripped-down as possible, not wanting to invest in something they see as an indulgence. But studies have shown that people tend to work better and harder when they have reminders around them of what they’re working for, such as family pictures or photos of the destination where they hope to take a special vacation one day.

    Put a few knickknacks on your desk to make yourself feel at home. And add a few books from your home library as well. There’s no shame in looking for inspiration or even the occasional distraction in them when you’re stuck on a project.

    Finally, add some plants to your home offices. They help to clean the air and they’re enjoyable to look at. It’s an office, not a prison, so treat it like a special place and it will feel more like one.

  • Educational Furniture

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  • Going Green with Office Furniture

    It’s important that business shows itself to be responsible and takes a positive ecological stance on at least some part of the way it functions. For some businesses this may mean monitoring electricity and turning off computers each night and for others it may mean greener office fittings and furniture. We’re going to focus on the latter – so how do you go green with your office furniture.

    Look for Renewable

    One of the best ways to help out the green cause is to take a look at what your office furniture is composed of. Some office furniture is made from entirely new and not recycled materials, while other furniture is made from a high percentage of renewable and recyclable goods. This reduces the impact on the environment significantly. There is a large portion of the office furniture market facilitating the green cause – so just make sure your next batch of office furniture is too.


    Not all office furniture is the same and some have significantly higher percentages of recycled materials used than others. There are other considerations, such as the lifetime of a product. A piece of furniture that is green and will stand the test of time in a challenging environment for years is a piece of furniture that should sway you. Check also if items have any specific green certification and whether or not they meet air requirements.


    Wood is beautiful; however it often has unsafe stains and paints applied to it. Be aware of this. That said, not all wood is bad and once the forestry practices live up to a green standard, then there should be no problems with using wood in your office. A lot of wood is even recycled – making it ideal for your greener office.


    Another great way to go green is to purchase furniture that’s been refurbished. There is a lot of older furniture out there that has been restored or has the potential to be restored. These refurbished items give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life and also allow you to keep it out of landfills – something that can be such a significant waste of often good items. They also may have far more character than many newer items and there are often some very interesting pieces in there.

    There are usually places in most cities that offer low cost, recycled and refurbished office furniture for that little bit less. It’s ideal for those on a tight budget.


    Taking transport and logistics into account is also something that larger organisations should do. This allows offices the chance to cut down significantly on carbon and installation costs. For instance, transporting office materials across the world will use a lot of energy, time and is far from green. Using a local business, supports the local economy and also benefits the environment.

    Green office furniture is something that can greatly benefit environment and also business and should certainly be considered


  • Selecting Furniture for Houses


    Furniture is an important thing in the house and it's considered necessary to keep furniture in almost all rooms. Furniture can be customized or ready made. Many people spend a lot of money on furniture and to make it look part of the home decor its color and shape is decided on the basis of home decor done already. For buying furniture you should follow the color scheme you have for your room so that it suits the room decor. So if you buy accessories such as frames and wall canvas for the room, it should match the furniture. Size is also important for the furniture, so make sure you know the exact size for your furniture.  Furniture includes sofa, beds, tables and different cabinets like one for the TV.

    • Sofa

    The sofa is one of the most important things in the house. It's kept in one room or many rooms depending on the house size and structure. The sofa is kept in the drawing room, living room and in many cases one piece of the sofa is kept in bedrooms too. Sofa size should not be too big or too small for the room. And don't keep it to the wall because that will spoil your decor. Keep distance between the sofa and walls, and also the distance between the opposite sofas should be medium too, so that you can keep a small table in the center and sit comfortably too.

    • Bed

    Beds are important for bedrooms because they provide comfort and make a room look attractive but that depends on its design. In a beautiful bedroom, people in the modern time go with floor beds with side tables attached to it. Floor beds look very good and are comfortable too, other traditional beds also come in various modern designs which are pretty good. Nowadays people prefer to have a small but beautiful bed which suits the decor of the house for this purpose floor beds are the best choice; they take less space in the room than other big beds with side table separator.

    • TV and Other Cabinets

    Cabinets can be kept in any room depending on whether you have TV in all rooms or not. Cabinets are not used much nowadays because people hang their TV's. But if you move your TV's position regularly than go for a cabinet which will have color and style according to other furniture in the room. Small cabinets are also kept for other electronic appliances kept in the house and for keeping small frames and print photo to canvas. Make sure you buy cabinets that don't take much space and are according to your home decor.


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  • A Guide to Buying Home Office Furniture for the New Entrepreneur

    Today most corporate employees, entrepreneurs, and bloggers spend a lot of time at a home office to work remotely. A home office is a good investment because it allows you to get more work done relative to others without one. It will also allow you to deduct a percentage of your housing expenses such as your mortgage, rent and electricity. Just  consult a CPA to make sure that you’re in compliance with the tax laws. Since you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your new home office you should spend some time planning out your new space to ensure that it will be a productive work environment. You will also want to make sure that the space is comfortable and professional, so you can invite clients over.

    When you first set out to build a home office, begin by creating a budget. Set a budget and then allocate a portion of home office expenses to each item on your list. Take a measurement of the office size and ,if necessary, get a ball park figure of the size of furniture that can fit comfortably. Some things you might want to measure are filing cabinets and computer desks.

    The computer desk you buy should have enough space for y0u to be able to work comfortably. Consider all of the supplies and equipment you will be using such as calculators, folders, staplers, whole punchers, stamps, printers, and software. Make sure their is ample room for you to be able to work efficiently. You will also want space in your computer desk to store some supplies as well as folders for expenses, payroll, and other important document.

    Next you will want to consider the style of furniture to buy. Design studios can get away with working with modular computers desks but I wouldn’t recommend it for an accountant, bookkeeper or lawyer. The style of the furniture and the quality of your furniture should allow you to be productive and complement the rest of your house.

    The key to making your home office space a  great place to work is to buy furniture that fits your budget, style, and improves efficiency. When buying office furniture browse local retail stores to find a style that suites your needs and be sure to compare them with prices online to save hundreds.

  • How to Make Your Office Space Special


    When it comes to our office space, we never really think about how much time we actually spend there. We are there for the better part of our day today lives, we eat lunch at our desks sometimes and sometimes even breakfast and dinner too. So it would make sense to have that space as functional and tailor-made as much as possible – yet many of us neglect to do so. By optimizing our office space, we can optimize our productivity and this could lead to that coveted raise that we have always hankered after.

    So how do you create a personal office space that works for you, without making it look like an interior design project and creating huge amounts of interest and even scorn from our fellow co-workers? Here are some of the best ways to utilize our office spaces, so that it is great for us as well as our productivity at work.


    This is one of life’s biggest enemies. Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles standing in our way of health, wealth and happiness in our homes, cars, offices, wardrobes and handbags. Piles and piles of unattended mail, books, papers, laundry and bits and pieces are a direct reflection of what is going on in our minds. And by clearing through the clutter and taking back control of your life, sanity, and workspace – in your home and office – you will have made dramatic moves towards the success that you strive to achieve.

    The bottom line is – your workspace has a direct impact on your productivity, your mood and how your fellow colleagues and boss perceive you. Efficiency and productivity and all round feelings of wellbeing and happiness start by being clutter free.

    Functionality and Inspiration

    Work and office furniture and stationary are boring – hardly the hilt of inspiration right there. But there are some funky, yet functional additions that you can make to your office space so that you are not engulfed by charcoal grey, beige and white colour schemes that drain your soul and your motivation at the same time.

    Brighten up your office space with a bright blue waste paper bin, pen holder and funky mouse pad for your desk. Choose filing card holders, scissors, paperclips, staplers and that kind of thing in bright, cheerful and refreshing colours. This way when you arrive at your clutter free desk in the morning, the fresh colours will inspire you and get you ready for a productive day ahead.

    Be careful not to over stimulate your entire office by purchasing something funky that crowds every space on your desk – soon the entire colour wheel will be represented and instead of inspiration you could find yourself in an over stimulated frenzy. Less is always more.

    Colours like red and orange are very stimulating but you do need to balance out the workplace with subtle tones of blue. But with just blue alone – it may not be enough to keep you focused throughout the day as you may feel like the pastel tones have brought you to a yoga class.

    Green Spaces = Stress Relief

    It is no secret that having plants in an office or a beautiful view over a wide open green space will provide many balanced aspects to your work place. If you do not have a sweeping view over the park below or out over a rolling garden, you might want to think about bringing in some green of your own.

    Indoor plants, succulents or even regular fresh posies on your desk or in your office will make a big difference in the balance of your work place, in terms of mood and helping to create an ambience of calm.


    Take a look at the office space of top management – what does it look like, what kind of personal items are seen there and what does your office space look like in comparison? You can be sure that the CEO or top manager has a spacious, functional work space with perhaps one or two personal photographs. But you can be sure that there are not a million electric pink post its stuck around computer screens, with 50 pictures of the family dog vying for space on the windowsill like a Facebook page collage, nor are there the 30 latest crayon drawings from their 2 year old plastered all over the wall.

    Take a good hard look at the most successful person in your office – what does their space say about them? Keep your personal memories to a minimum and make your office reflect who you are at work and where you are going – create the credibility you strive for and stand out from the rest whose offices look like they work at Martha Stewart.

  • Renovate Your Home Office To Look Like A Home Not Office

    More and more people are taking full advantage of the opportunities to work from home. However, most of these “home offices” are dull, lifeless and insipid making it difficult for you to spend the whole day in that room. It can be little tricky to induce the same warmth and liveliness in your office and to make it as inviting as rest of your home.

    Top Home Office Renovation Tips:

    Following lines explain some of the most interesting tips that will make your home office big on home and high on function.

    • Use Your Most Favorite Color:

    It is a great idea to use your favorite color in the room where you have to spend a lot of time. You need not to keep the cabinets in your office white or dull as you can stamp a piece of your personality in your office and make it more beautiful.

    • Have a Special Collection:

    Use a special collection of decorative items to adorn your office that makes you sing every time you see it. The items can include anything like large canvas prints or a beautiful antique. Furthermore, shift your office to that part of your house that you like the most.

    • Dual Purpose Offices:

    A little siesta in the afternoon can greatly enhance your performance. Therefor you can incorporate a bed or a little sofa in your office to make it a dual purpose space where you can work as well as relax.

    • Creative Walls:

    As discussed above, office should not always be dull and you can make yours more attractive and full of life by creating beautiful ascent walls. You can adorn the office walls by some great colorful wallpaper, using memorable photos on canvas prints or doing a “wild” thing with the fun rug or carpet.

    • Fascinating Color Schemes:

    The use of color schemes play a pivotal role in making a room more beautiful and adorable and same is the case with home offices. For instances, a bright yellow color used in combination with a red one will impart a gorgeous look to the surrounding  making everything else to shine as well.

    • A Cozy Spot:

    Just like any other room in the home, the office also needs a comfortable spot in the corner where you can enjoy the morning coffee while reading Wall Street Journal or other business magazines. This will definitely make your office more like home rather than a workspace.

    • Office is Not an Office:

    You can make your office look just like an ordinary part of your residence by installing daily routine things. For instance, a stunning little chandelier, fresh and enchanting flowers and a classic telephone is all you require to convert your office into a more “home like” place.

    • Add Unexpected Features:

    Another sensational idea to give your home office a more of home feel is to add some beautiful but unexpected features in the area. For instance, you can place a great comfortable seat near the window in addition with a fab chandelier that does not look odd either.

    • Plenty of Light:

    If fortunately you have a room in your office that has plenty of light and from where you can see fabulous sceneries, make it your office. Plenty of light and breathtaking views will make you enjoy your work and will prevent boring and laziness as well.


    These are some of the tips that will definitely convert your home office from a dull boring space to an attractive and livelier one where you can work and enjoy.

  • Essential Things to consider to make a home office comfortable and organized

    Nowadays it is very common for most employees regardless of their position to bring home some of their unfinished office jobs. Especially if they have a target date or deadline to submit their work, it will be only possible for them to finish their task if they will take this at home. In addition Home based jobs are also making its way in the market.  Most people chose to work at home rather than going to the office for their personal reasons. And for some who’s managing their own business it is a requirement to have a place in the home where they can  run all their paper works. In this case a home office is very important and surely a must.

    It is very important that you can work comfortably in your home office to become more productive. Things inside your home office should be well organized so that you can move freely. The ambiance should be peaceful and friendly so that you will be able to finish your task easily.

    Listed below are some  ways of making a home office organized and comfortable:

    1. Big Space – if your previous home office is small and tight, it will be better to start organizing things  and start de- cluttering the place so that it will become big. It will better if all things have designated place and properly organized. Remember lesser clutter means less distraction and irritation.
    2. The techy – it is very important that almost all of the things in your home office is advanced in technology, but do also remember that you’re at your home and not in the office.  It is important that you will still feel the ambiance of your home.  Never  let your techy objects occupies the space.
    3. Trendy Furniture- consider purchasing stylish furniture but in some way never loose the sense of comfort.  Also remember to get an excellent seating support, this is very important especially if you are loaded with tons of work. There’s nothing harm to rest your back for a while.
    4. Gadgets -  Separate your home gadgets from your home office.  Game consoles, Televisions and Stereos can only distract you from work and will make you less productive.
    5. Lighting- often times we almost neglect the lighting aspects of our home. But definitely you should improve the lighting in your home office. It is better to invest with your lighting source rather than taking risks and compromising your job.  Surely you will have a lot of paperwork and a good source of light is needed.
    6. The boss- Keep in mind that you are the Chief officer in charge in this place.  You can make any rules as long as you want.  You can put anything you desire in your home office, however, always keep in mind to make things simple and light.

    Remember that there is no harm in trying.Enjoy your office and always be productive. 

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  • How To Design The Perfect Office

    How To Design The Perfect Office

    Your office design can make a big difference in the efficiency of your work. Without properly placed equipment or enough lay-out space, you may find yourself putting off more difficult tasks. And, when you have a business, putting things off can be disastrous.

    Equipment Needs

    You probably have a few basic equipment needs. Every office needs a PC and a printer. That printer should also be a multipurpose machine, with a copier and fax included. The fax can be hooked up to your office phone number, and you can plug your phone into the printer/fax machine when you are expecting a fax, or need to send one. You won’t have to dedicate a separate phone number for the fax.


    If you plan to have a reading area in your office, or a separate layout area, a rectangular room will be best. However, if not, a square room gives you the most useable floor space.


    The lighting in your office is crucial to productivity. Bright overhead lighting may keep you awake, but can create eye strain. Check into diffused overhead lighting. Often your light fixtures can be retro-fitted with a diffuser so that you don’t have to hire extensive remodeling.

    Other lighting to focus on is task lighting. This will be the desk lamp and other lamps that illuminate various work areas.  Finally, there is ambient lighting. This is the floor lamp or table lamp that brightens and warms up a corner. It can create an atmosphere conducive to calm thought and concentration.


    Your desk should suit your needs. If you need an impact desk to establish dominance in your office, that’s a legitimate need. Other people, however, may need a more ergonomic work space. Men are generally taller, with a longer reach than women, so they’ll be able to use a large desk more efficiently. Some women like bigger desks, too, because they can place items toward the outer edges of the desk, freeing up work space.

    In general, evaluate the way you like to work. If you like everything within reach, and one central work station, you may benefit from a U shaped desk. This allows you to have a layout space on one side, a computer station on the other, and a space for paperwork in the middle.

    If you tend to be somewhat restless, consider setting up work stations in your office. An L shaped desk will give you a computer workspace and a spot for paperwork. For a layout area, where you spread out work that needs to be collated or sorted, a built in bookcase with a great counter in front may be perfect for you.


    Filing cabinets are some of the ugliest furniture in the office. They simply cannot be avoided, however, and the type you select can be based on how much you must file. Compact, built-ins may be crucial if you have a lot of filing to do. But, if you just need 3 to 4 drawers, a furniture piece can look very professional.

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