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  • Renovate Your Home Office To Look Like A Home Not Office

    More and more people are taking full advantage of the opportunities to work from home. However, most of these “home offices” are dull, lifeless and insipid making it difficult for you to spend the whole day in that room. It can be little tricky to induce the same warmth and liveliness in your office and to make it as inviting as rest of your home.

    Top Home Office Renovation Tips:

    Following lines explain some of the most interesting tips that will make your home office big on home and high on function.

    • Use Your Most Favorite Color:

    It is a great idea to use your favorite color in the room where you have to spend a lot of time. You need not to keep the cabinets in your office white or dull as you can stamp a piece of your personality in your office and make it more beautiful.

    • Have a Special Collection:

    Use a special collection of decorative items to adorn your office that makes you sing every time you see it. The items can include anything like large canvas prints or a beautiful antique. Furthermore, shift your office to that part of your house that you like the most.

    • Dual Purpose Offices:

    A little siesta in the afternoon can greatly enhance your performance. Therefor you can incorporate a bed or a little sofa in your office to make it a dual purpose space where you can work as well as relax.

    • Creative Walls:

    As discussed above, office should not always be dull and you can make yours more attractive and full of life by creating beautiful ascent walls. You can adorn the office walls by some great colorful wallpaper, using memorable photos on canvas prints or doing a “wild” thing with the fun rug or carpet.

    • Fascinating Color Schemes:

    The use of color schemes play a pivotal role in making a room more beautiful and adorable and same is the case with home offices. For instances, a bright yellow color used in combination with a red one will impart a gorgeous look to the surrounding  making everything else to shine as well.

    • A Cozy Spot:

    Just like any other room in the home, the office also needs a comfortable spot in the corner where you can enjoy the morning coffee while reading Wall Street Journal or other business magazines. This will definitely make your office more like home rather than a workspace.

    • Office is Not an Office:

    You can make your office look just like an ordinary part of your residence by installing daily routine things. For instance, a stunning little chandelier, fresh and enchanting flowers and a classic telephone is all you require to convert your office into a more “home like” place.

    • Add Unexpected Features:

    Another sensational idea to give your home office a more of home feel is to add some beautiful but unexpected features in the area. For instance, you can place a great comfortable seat near the window in addition with a fab chandelier that does not look odd either.

    • Plenty of Light:

    If fortunately you have a room in your office that has plenty of light and from where you can see fabulous sceneries, make it your office. Plenty of light and breathtaking views will make you enjoy your work and will prevent boring and laziness as well.


    These are some of the tips that will definitely convert your home office from a dull boring space to an attractive and livelier one where you can work and enjoy.

  • Essential Things to consider to make a home office comfortable and organized

    Nowadays it is very common for most employees regardless of their position to bring home some of their unfinished office jobs. Especially if they have a target date or deadline to submit their work, it will be only possible for them to finish their task if they will take this at home. In addition Home based jobs are also making its way in the market.  Most people chose to work at home rather than going to the office for their personal reasons. And for some who’s managing their own business it is a requirement to have a place in the home where they can  run all their paper works. In this case a home office is very important and surely a must.

    It is very important that you can work comfortably in your home office to become more productive. Things inside your home office should be well organized so that you can move freely. The ambiance should be peaceful and friendly so that you will be able to finish your task easily.

    Listed below are some  ways of making a home office organized and comfortable:

    1. Big Space – if your previous home office is small and tight, it will be better to start organizing things  and start de- cluttering the place so that it will become big. It will better if all things have designated place and properly organized. Remember lesser clutter means less distraction and irritation.
    2. The techy – it is very important that almost all of the things in your home office is advanced in technology, but do also remember that you’re at your home and not in the office.  It is important that you will still feel the ambiance of your home.  Never  let your techy objects occupies the space.
    3. Trendy Furniture- consider purchasing stylish furniture but in some way never loose the sense of comfort.  Also remember to get an excellent seating support, this is very important especially if you are loaded with tons of work. There’s nothing harm to rest your back for a while.
    4. Gadgets -  Separate your home gadgets from your home office.  Game consoles, Televisions and Stereos can only distract you from work and will make you less productive.
    5. Lighting- often times we almost neglect the lighting aspects of our home. But definitely you should improve the lighting in your home office. It is better to invest with your lighting source rather than taking risks and compromising your job.  Surely you will have a lot of paperwork and a good source of light is needed.
    6. The boss- Keep in mind that you are the Chief officer in charge in this place.  You can make any rules as long as you want.  You can put anything you desire in your home office, however, always keep in mind to make things simple and light.

    Remember that there is no harm in trying.Enjoy your office and always be productive. 

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  • How To Design The Perfect Office

    How To Design The Perfect Office

    Your office design can make a big difference in the efficiency of your work. Without properly placed equipment or enough lay-out space, you may find yourself putting off more difficult tasks. And, when you have a business, putting things off can be disastrous.

    Equipment Needs

    You probably have a few basic equipment needs. Every office needs a PC and a printer. That printer should also be a multipurpose machine, with a copier and fax included. The fax can be hooked up to your office phone number, and you can plug your phone into the printer/fax machine when you are expecting a fax, or need to send one. You won’t have to dedicate a separate phone number for the fax.


    If you plan to have a reading area in your office, or a separate layout area, a rectangular room will be best. However, if not, a square room gives you the most useable floor space.


    The lighting in your office is crucial to productivity. Bright overhead lighting may keep you awake, but can create eye strain. Check into diffused overhead lighting. Often your light fixtures can be retro-fitted with a diffuser so that you don’t have to hire extensive remodeling.

    Other lighting to focus on is task lighting. This will be the desk lamp and other lamps that illuminate various work areas.  Finally, there is ambient lighting. This is the floor lamp or table lamp that brightens and warms up a corner. It can create an atmosphere conducive to calm thought and concentration.


    Your desk should suit your needs. If you need an impact desk to establish dominance in your office, that’s a legitimate need. Other people, however, may need a more ergonomic work space. Men are generally taller, with a longer reach than women, so they’ll be able to use a large desk more efficiently. Some women like bigger desks, too, because they can place items toward the outer edges of the desk, freeing up work space.

    In general, evaluate the way you like to work. If you like everything within reach, and one central work station, you may benefit from a U shaped desk. This allows you to have a layout space on one side, a computer station on the other, and a space for paperwork in the middle.

    If you tend to be somewhat restless, consider setting up work stations in your office. An L shaped desk will give you a computer workspace and a spot for paperwork. For a layout area, where you spread out work that needs to be collated or sorted, a built in bookcase with a great counter in front may be perfect for you.


    Filing cabinets are some of the ugliest furniture in the office. They simply cannot be avoided, however, and the type you select can be based on how much you must file. Compact, built-ins may be crucial if you have a lot of filing to do. But, if you just need 3 to 4 drawers, a furniture piece can look very professional.

  • Creating a productive and welcoming home office

    Creating a productive and welcoming home office

    Those who work from home can spend as much time in their home office as their bedrooms, so it's important that the space is comfortable and welcoming, as well as productive and efficient.
    Essential office equipment isn't always attractive, but with some imagination, you can create a stylish workspace!

    Dual purpose spaces.
    Your home office should be decorated to reflect the style of your home and your personal tastes. This is particularly important in a dual purpose space, such as when your home office doubles up as a spare bedroom or dining room. L-shaped desks work very well in these circumstances, as they fit neatly into corners and each side of the desk can be used for a different purpose or shared by two people.

    If you have lots of office equipment or consumables such as stationery, these can be stored in an ordinary chest of drawers or cupboard, but larger items or filing cabinets can be obtrusive. Disguise them with an attractive screen or store in an alcove that can be closed off by a curtain or custom built cupboard door.

    The feminine space.
    Don't hesitate to make your office pretty. Being surrounded by attractive things will inspire creativity and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Don't be afraid to feminise the space with flowers, cushions and beautifully decorated files and notice boards. Added to a soft colour scheme with patterned wallpaper, warm rugs and personal touches such as pictures and photos, you may find you don't want to leave the office at the end of the day!

    Home office in miniature.
    Many home workers need very little equipment apart from a laptop, but find creating a dedicated workspace makes them more creative than working from the sofa. In this case, you should look for a neat desk, a comfortable chair and some minimal accessories. This is very easy to integrate into your existing home decor   for a country cottage try a rustic style wooden table, or for a modern apartment, a simple glass-topped desk with a brightly coloured chair looks sleek and funky. A classic antique desk with accessories such as a rotary style telephone and Tiffany lamp would not look out of place in a grand townhouse.

    To find the most suitable home office equipment, it's best to stick to a dedicated office furniture supplier. Everyday dining chairs or tables may not be suitable for long hours at work   office furniture is usually ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and supportive but can be found in attractive designs and colours. Sites such as Furniture at Work have wide ranges of office furniture to suit all sorts of environments.

    This company also has knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the most appropriate products for your needs. Their reputation with customers and after sales service are excellent and in the unlikely event of any Furniture at Work complaints, you can contact a dedicated furniture at work complaints department, so you can shop with peace of mind.

  • Home Luxuries: 3 Complements for a Contemporary Design

    A residential contemporary and architectural interior-design theme shouldn't be overwhelmed with extravagant decor. A contemporary space expresses itself and makes an impact through minimalism and the perfect amount of subtle ostentation. Avoid matching patterns and colors with an over-abundance of furnishings and decor. Free furniture, such as living room tables and book shelves, from excessive clutter. For high-end and luxurious home interiors that leave a lasting impression, the goal is to achieve a captivating and extraordinary space through dynamic architectural designs and solo furnishings that top architecture degrees created and effortlessly made into strong statements.

    Eames Lounge Chair

    The forever fashionable Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are such legendary pieces of furniture that are showcased in the MOMA museum in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. Exceptionally developed, designed and released in 1956, the Eames chair and its ottoman continue to be the cornerstone of highly stylish furnishings that have superior craftsmanship and an iconic history. Although the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are notably renowned for having a timeless design, especially having been "the subject of documentaries and books," the molded plywood and leather pieces also provide unparalleled comfort and support. The Charles and Ray Eames collection includes world-class pieces, including the fiberglass arm shell chair in a range of vibrant colors and the molded plywood dining chair in natural hues.

    Noguchi Table

    Isamu Noguchi's designer table is a fully transparent work of art that upholds the highest standards in design authenticity and originality. During an apprenticeship, Noguchi worked alongside Constantin Brancusi, a legendary Romanian sculptor who's been recognized as "the patriarch of modern sculpture" and whose work is identified by abstract styles and geometrical lines. Taking what he learned from Brancusi, Noguchi experimented his way into product design - resulting in his simplistic, signature living table. Noguchi's table is characterized by two smooth and shapely pieces that interlock to support the thick tabletop glass. The Herman Miller piece is designed to be an object that gives form to an empty space; it can effortlessly serve as the decorative focal point in the living room and thus create a space that's not only luxurious, but living.

    Copper Artichoke Lamp

    The Artichoke Lamp hangs as a modern, high-end chandelier that commands the attention of an entire dining room. Leading Danish architect Poul Henningsen conceptualized and designed the epic artichoke lamp in 1958. Nearly 60 years later, the Artichoke Lamp continues to be an enamored lighting incarnation that defines a space and creates an enigmatic energy. Design Within Reach describes the Artichoke Lamp as "composed of layers of overlapping 'leaves.'" Each copper leaf is precisely cut by a laser and "configured by hand" for world-class craftsmanship. Glare-free light fills the room from 360º. Not only does this modern and iconic chandelier characterize a formal dining space, it can adorn an entryway. Whether you install a copper, glass, stainless or white Artichoke Lamp in the foyer of your home, you're creating a luxury look that sets the tone for your entire interior-design theme.

  • Top 10 Finishing Touches for Your Home Office

    Top 10 Finishing Touches for Your Home Office

    1. Desk Lamps

    When you are working on a computer for an extended amount of time, it is critically important that you make sure your environment is properly lit to avoid straining your eyes. Plus the right desk lamp can really set off your desk and make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some examples of some really cool desk lamps.

    1. Coffee Machine

    Most of us would admit that we are slaves to caffeine and that our cups of coffee fuel our most productive days. If that is the case it is time to spend some time getting a good quality coffee machine in your home office so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at anytime of the day. We would recommend shopping around for a wholesale coffee company like Discount Coffee and asking them to throw in some free coffee when you buy your machine.

    1. LED Clock

    IF you are trying to concentrate on a particularly hard task, the smallest of noises can put you off and start to annoy you. One of these noises is the slow ticking of an analogue clock. To avoid this why not update to an LED projector clock and have the time silently projected on to the wall of you office. Not only will it get rid of the noise, it will give you office an cool, edgy futuristic look.

    1. 2nd Monitor

    Want to double your productivity? Then simply get a second monitor, a study conducted by Microsoft shows that a second monitor allows you to multi task much more effectively, allowing you to get more done in the precious working time that you have.

    1. Cable Tidy

    If you have a complicated setup of PC towers, printers, phone cables, modems and hundreds of other wired devices, things can quickly get very messy and disorganised. Get rid of all the cable clutter around your desk with a simple cable tidy. This not only allows you to make the office space a safer trip free zone, but it also extends the life of you cables and stops them getting damaged over the long term.

    1. Chair Lumbar Support

    Sitting down for prolonged periods of time is very bad for your health. If you don’t exercise after you work, you will find that you start to get aches and pains in your neck and lower back. In order to minimise the risk of getting back pain, invest in a lumbar support for your chair. This nifty furniture ad on supports your lower back, taking pressure away from your tailbone and spine and distributing it more evenly, ultimately allowing for a more comfortable working experience. Alternatively, if you have some additional budget I would opt for a specifically designed chair to help you bad back.

    1. Coffee Table

    In order to come up with new ideas, you need a more neutral part of the office where you can think up new ideas and have a little bit of down time. Having a coffee table away from your main workspace allows to mentally escape your desk, giving you an alternative view point that should help the flow of more creative ideas.

    1. Executive Toys

    Have you ever been on the phone to a client for over an hour? If you answered yes, then you know that stress levels can easily escalate when being bombarded with questions. Therefore, why not invest in some executive toys like a stress ball or a Newton’s cradle. The stress ball will allow you to take you anger out on an inanimate object and the soothing click of the Newton’s cradle will help you zone out of the stressful situation and bring your heart rate down to the same pace.

    1. Whiteboard

    Brainstorming is great for quickly getting new ideas out into the open, but maintaining lots of scraps of paper can become messy and can often lead to good ideas being forgotten about. Therefore, why not add a whiteboard into your office so you can serve yourself with a constant reminder of you new ideas that you need to follow through with.

    1. Photo Frame

    I personally like to keep inspiring messages around my workspace to keep me motivated at all times, however for those of us that don’t need the extra motivation, a picture of you loved ones always works well to remind you that there is more to life than just work.

    Author Bio

    Ross is a self proclaimed geek from Edinburgh, working with Discount Coffee, a local coffee wholesaler.

  • 5 of the Best Classic Office Chairs

    5 of the Best Classic Office Chairs

    Office chairs are for a lot of us the second most lived in item of furniture that we use. For those of us who work in an office, we could spend over half or more of our working day in an office chair - that’s almost as long as a lot of us spend in bed.

    Choosing a classic office chair can be something that allows for both comfort and style and fortunately, there are plenty of classics out there. So, let’s take a look at some of our favourites.

    Captain’s Chair

    If we were to go a long way back, before any real notions of interior design and ergonomics, we get the Captain’s Chair. This leather bound classic creates images of the fountain tip pen writing and pre Wall Street crash mahogany offices. It’s a classic and still seen here and there, though its high quality construction is reflected in its price.

    Eames Office Chair

    The Eames design of office chair was created in 1958 by the infamous Ray Eames. The chair itself came at a time when the world was moving towards the pen and office work was becoming the norm. Eames’ chair is a handsome, soft padded chair, with a five star base and is seen throughout the world thanks to both its stylish and ergonomic design.

    Steelcase Leap

    The Steelcase Leap is among the most common options out there and this is down to a mixture of things. The chair offers quite good ergonomics, while is also low in price and very durable. It’s also made from breathable materials, very customisable and comfortable for long periods of sitting. It can also be easily put together without the need of many tools or other extras. This means there is no need for tool hire Bristol or from elsewhere to do so.

    Aeron Chair

    The Aeron Chair came as late as 1994 and is essentially designed as three chairs in one, so as to fit the different body shapes that reside in offices throughout the world. The chair’s focus on having an array of adjustment options means it has spread like wildfire through the world. Aside from its innovative functionality the chair is also made from a weave like structure for air circulation and is made from green materials than a lot of the alternatives.

    ErgoHuman Office Chair

    Like all things in design, evolution is central and the Ergohuman is the next step onwards for this form of design. It’s the perfect chair for those who sit long hours, comes with breathable mesh and is immensely good for customising. It also is slightly wider in the bottom area and also comes with amazing back support to make it the king of office chairs.

    Choosing a good office chair can make all the difference in the way you approach your work, enjoy time sitting down and also how healthy your back is. These showcase some of the variations with time.

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