5 ways to create a brighter office

5 ways to create a brighter office

One of the things we hear regularly is that a brighter and more spacious office is more conducive to a productive workspace and creates a better environment in which to be industrious. Of course, though your company can spend thousands and even millions of pounds on revamping an area to allow more light in, there are a number of ways to improve the brightness in an easier and more efficient manner. So, let’s take a look at the ways you can create a brighter space in the workplace.


The colours in any room really matter and as a general rule lighter colours tend to reflect light, while darker ones tend to sap it in and create the impression there is less. White walls, carpets, furniture and other items can really help an area and add to the light in and around it. Of course, you risk it becoming quite sterile if it’s all white, so adding in spots of colour here and there, as well as some plants can create the stimulation required and add character.


Mirrors are a great way to add to the light in a room and are perfect for the purpose as they reflect light in and around the area. The fact they reflect the light in the room or office also means that you can save on electricity.


The floors are very important and choosing fresh, clean materials on the floor can really help. Wood is a great option, and adding some rugs here and there can ensure that the area has some softness thanks to the carpet. Of course, maintaining cleanliness is important here and so carpet cleaner hire is often a good choice to maintain the area. Alternatively, a full on neutral carpet can also work well, once it is chosen in a light shade and fits in with the colour of the walls. Obviously, in an office environment, cleanliness is important when choosing.


The bulbs you use also matter significantly and if you are still using traditional lights, replace them with CFL bulbs. These are brighter, greener and also provide cooler and more natural light. This can make the area look more inviting, means it’s more energy efficient and also it’s brighter. Task lighting can also be of benefit as it allows the light to be concentrated in a specific area and so allows light where light is needed.

Skylights and Solar Tubes

These innovations are fantastic and allow for increasing light in the room. Solar tubes are even better than skylights as they use reflective tubes to multiply the level of light in a building significantly. This means that they can provide plenty of natural light without the need for much space – they have also come down significantly in cost.

These little tips can ensure that the office is a brighter and more productive area that people will feel happier to work in.