Creating a productive and welcoming home office

Creating a productive and welcoming home office

Those who work from home can spend as much time in their home office as their bedrooms, so it's important that the space is comfortable and welcoming, as well as productive and efficient.
Essential office equipment isn't always attractive, but with some imagination, you can create a stylish workspace!

Dual purpose spaces.
Your home office should be decorated to reflect the style of your home and your personal tastes. This is particularly important in a dual purpose space, such as when your home office doubles up as a spare bedroom or dining room. L-shaped desks work very well in these circumstances, as they fit neatly into corners and each side of the desk can be used for a different purpose or shared by two people.

If you have lots of office equipment or consumables such as stationery, these can be stored in an ordinary chest of drawers or cupboard, but larger items or filing cabinets can be obtrusive. Disguise them with an attractive screen or store in an alcove that can be closed off by a curtain or custom built cupboard door.

The feminine space.
Don't hesitate to make your office pretty. Being surrounded by attractive things will inspire creativity and a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Don't be afraid to feminise the space with flowers, cushions and beautifully decorated files and notice boards. Added to a soft colour scheme with patterned wallpaper, warm rugs and personal touches such as pictures and photos, you may find you don't want to leave the office at the end of the day!

Home office in miniature.
Many home workers need very little equipment apart from a laptop, but find creating a dedicated workspace makes them more creative than working from the sofa. In this case, you should look for a neat desk, a comfortable chair and some minimal accessories. This is very easy to integrate into your existing home decor   for a country cottage try a rustic style wooden table, or for a modern apartment, a simple glass-topped desk with a brightly coloured chair looks sleek and funky. A classic antique desk with accessories such as a rotary style telephone and Tiffany lamp would not look out of place in a grand townhouse.

To find the most suitable home office equipment, it's best to stick to a dedicated office furniture supplier. Everyday dining chairs or tables may not be suitable for long hours at work   office furniture is usually ergonomically designed to be more comfortable and supportive but can be found in attractive designs and colours. Sites such as Furniture at Work have wide ranges of office furniture to suit all sorts of environments.

This company also has knowledgeable staff who can help you choose the most appropriate products for your needs. Their reputation with customers and after sales service are excellent and in the unlikely event of any Furniture at Work complaints, you can contact a dedicated furniture at work complaints department, so you can shop with peace of mind.