First impressions last – the importance of good reception furniture

When you are meeting a new client, or visiting a new building for the first time it can often be said that “first impressions last”. I believe this is true in many situations, and if you flip this around and put yourself in the position of the business owner then it’s easy to see why your reception room can play such a significant role in the impression that your business leaves on its clients.

When you enter a room you immediately form an opinion about the room that you are entering, and if you are entering the reception room of a business then it’s true to say that this immediately makes you form an opinion of the business. The type of chairs, furniture and décor can all contribute towards the opinion that you have of a business and they can also tell you a lot about the business, just by the way that it looks.

So if you are a business – what can you do to make your reception look more inviting and ensure that you are giving off the right impression to your potential clients? Well here are some popular tricks and tips:

  • Look at the colours of your room
    What colour is your room? White can be plain, but it is a colour that can be easily dressed up. Perhaps you are looking for a feature wall or simply you want to paint the walls of your room a warmer colour which really entices your clients in. Warmer colours can also make your clients feel much more comfortable in this environment and this can be a way to help your clients feel relaxed when they walk into your business
  • Choose the right décor
    Choosing the right décor is essential to the feel of your reception room and this means choosing the right colours and the type of furniture that you are going to use. Are you going for a modern look? Are you going for something simple and practical or are you going to splash out and make it a little more sophisticated? These are all decisions that you need to make!
  • Choose the right amount of furniture
    Too much reception area furniture can really overcrowd your room, too little furniture and you will find that you are confronted with a lot of very grumpy people standing up – so how do you find your happy medium? Well I have always found trial and error to be the best way to deal with this type of task, and sometimes it will take a little while to work out the right amount of furniture for your house
  • Accessorise your furniture
    Furniture is of course one of the most important parts of your reception room, but you might also want to add a few accessories along with your furniture to really complement it. Books, magazines and various other items of reading material can be a great option if you are looking to keep your clients interested while they are waiting to see you.