Going Green with Office Furniture

It’s important that business shows itself to be responsible and takes a positive ecological stance on at least some part of the way it functions. For some businesses this may mean monitoring electricity and turning off computers each night and for others it may mean greener office fittings and furniture. We’re going to focus on the latter – so how do you go green with your office furniture.

Look for Renewable

One of the best ways to help out the green cause is to take a look at what your office furniture is composed of. Some office furniture is made from entirely new and not recycled materials, while other furniture is made from a high percentage of renewable and recyclable goods. This reduces the impact on the environment significantly. There is a large portion of the office furniture market facilitating the green cause – so just make sure your next batch of office furniture is too.


Not all office furniture is the same and some have significantly higher percentages of recycled materials used than others. There are other considerations, such as the lifetime of a product. A piece of furniture that is green and will stand the test of time in a challenging environment for years is a piece of furniture that should sway you. Check also if items have any specific green certification and whether or not they meet air requirements.


Wood is beautiful; however it often has unsafe stains and paints applied to it. Be aware of this. That said, not all wood is bad and once the forestry practices live up to a green standard, then there should be no problems with using wood in your office. A lot of wood is even recycled – making it ideal for your greener office.


Another great way to go green is to purchase furniture that’s been refurbished. There is a lot of older furniture out there that has been restored or has the potential to be restored. These refurbished items give an old piece of furniture a new lease of life and also allow you to keep it out of landfills – something that can be such a significant waste of often good items. They also may have far more character than many newer items and there are often some very interesting pieces in there.

There are usually places in most cities that offer low cost, recycled and refurbished office furniture for that little bit less. It’s ideal for those on a tight budget.


Taking transport and logistics into account is also something that larger organisations should do. This allows offices the chance to cut down significantly on carbon and installation costs. For instance, transporting office materials across the world will use a lot of energy, time and is far from green. Using a local business, supports the local economy and also benefits the environment.

Green office furniture is something that can greatly benefit environment and also business and should certainly be considered