Home Luxuries: 3 Complements for a Contemporary Design

A residential contemporary and architectural interior-design theme shouldn't be overwhelmed with extravagant decor. A contemporary space expresses itself and makes an impact through minimalism and the perfect amount of subtle ostentation. Avoid matching patterns and colors with an over-abundance of furnishings and decor. Free furniture, such as living room tables and book shelves, from excessive clutter. For high-end and luxurious home interiors that leave a lasting impression, the goal is to achieve a captivating and extraordinary space through dynamic architectural designs and solo furnishings that top architecture degrees created and effortlessly made into strong statements.

Eames Lounge Chair

The forever fashionable Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are such legendary pieces of furniture that are showcased in the MOMA museum in New York and the Art Institute of Chicago. Exceptionally developed, designed and released in 1956, the Eames chair and its ottoman continue to be the cornerstone of highly stylish furnishings that have superior craftsmanship and an iconic history. Although the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman are notably renowned for having a timeless design, especially having been "the subject of documentaries and books," the molded plywood and leather pieces also provide unparalleled comfort and support. The Charles and Ray Eames collection includes world-class pieces, including the fiberglass arm shell chair in a range of vibrant colors and the molded plywood dining chair in natural hues.

Noguchi Table

Isamu Noguchi's designer table is a fully transparent work of art that upholds the highest standards in design authenticity and originality. During an apprenticeship, Noguchi worked alongside Constantin Brancusi, a legendary Romanian sculptor who's been recognized as "the patriarch of modern sculpture" and whose work is identified by abstract styles and geometrical lines. Taking what he learned from Brancusi, Noguchi experimented his way into product design - resulting in his simplistic, signature living table. Noguchi's table is characterized by two smooth and shapely pieces that interlock to support the thick tabletop glass. The Herman Miller piece is designed to be an object that gives form to an empty space; it can effortlessly serve as the decorative focal point in the living room and thus create a space that's not only luxurious, but living.

Copper Artichoke Lamp

The Artichoke Lamp hangs as a modern, high-end chandelier that commands the attention of an entire dining room. Leading Danish architect Poul Henningsen conceptualized and designed the epic artichoke lamp in 1958. Nearly 60 years later, the Artichoke Lamp continues to be an enamored lighting incarnation that defines a space and creates an enigmatic energy. Design Within Reach describes the Artichoke Lamp as "composed of layers of overlapping 'leaves.'" Each copper leaf is precisely cut by a laser and "configured by hand" for world-class craftsmanship. Glare-free light fills the room from 360º. Not only does this modern and iconic chandelier characterize a formal dining space, it can adorn an entryway. Whether you install a copper, glass, stainless or white Artichoke Lamp in the foyer of your home, you're creating a luxury look that sets the tone for your entire interior-design theme.