How to choose the perfect lighting for your interior

One of the key elements of interior design is lighting. The kind of light selected for a room has profound influence on the overall ambiance of the room. Thanks to the innumerable light fixtures available in the market, one has to exercise extra caution while selecting that perfect light for the room. One should keep the following points in mind while selecting light fixture for your home

Purpose of lighting: Before zeroing in on a certain light fixture, one needs to decide the purpose of the light. If the purpose is to add to the overall ambience of the room, like in living room, select light with detailed or ornamental designing. On the other hand, if lighting is essential for a specific purpose like for study or kitchen, then go for a table or floor lamp or task light that is suitable for that purpose.

Exterior lighting: Even though the purpose of exterior lights is to give brightness and safety to the outside of the house, it need not be restricted to that function alone. Directional lights pointing either up or down can highlight the architecture of the house. Similarly designer wall scones can create an ambience to the exterior of the house. Whatever the type of light used for the exterior, make sure that it is neither dim nor too bright.

Recessed lighting: If the house has high ceiling, then recessed light that sits inside a hollow opening on the ceiling is ideal. This light when connected to a dimmer switch helps to adjust the brightness of the light depending on the mood of the house. Recessed light, even though unobtrusive, adds to the general ambience of the room.

Track lighting: If the house has any focal point that needs special emphasis, then track lighting is the best. For eg; if there is an art work displayed on the living room, track lighting can give it due prominence.

Night light in nursery: While doing up children's room make sure to install night-light to help in easily accessing the room during night. A wall scone or a table lamp with dimmer switch is a good option.

Chandelier: Chandelier comes in different sizes and shapes from the simple one with small bulb to the most ornate ones. The chandelier selected should match the size of the room. A big chandelier in a small room might look awkward. Similarly the general décor theme of the room should also be considered while selecting the chandelier. A room decorated in Victorian style should have a Victorian style chandelier.

Multiple lighting: There are certain rooms in the house where multiple lighting might be required. For eg in kitchen, in addition to general lighting, lighting above the countertop or cooking range can give brightness to the working area. Similarly placing a floor lamp beside a couch or table lamp beside your bed is also desirable.

Shopping for lighting is no more a tiring job. Thanks to the innumerable online shopping portals available, one can select light at the click of a mouse.