How To Design The Perfect Office

How To Design The Perfect Office

Your office design can make a big difference in the efficiency of your work. Without properly placed equipment or enough lay-out space, you may find yourself putting off more difficult tasks. And, when you have a business, putting things off can be disastrous.

Equipment Needs

You probably have a few basic equipment needs. Every office needs a PC and a printer. That printer should also be a multipurpose machine, with a copier and fax included. The fax can be hooked up to your office phone number, and you can plug your phone into the printer/fax machine when you are expecting a fax, or need to send one. You won’t have to dedicate a separate phone number for the fax.


If you plan to have a reading area in your office, or a separate layout area, a rectangular room will be best. However, if not, a square room gives you the most useable floor space.


The lighting in your office is crucial to productivity. Bright overhead lighting may keep you awake, but can create eye strain. Check into diffused overhead lighting. Often your light fixtures can be retro-fitted with a diffuser so that you don’t have to hire extensive remodeling.

Other lighting to focus on is task lighting. This will be the desk lamp and other lamps that illuminate various work areas.  Finally, there is ambient lighting. This is the floor lamp or table lamp that brightens and warms up a corner. It can create an atmosphere conducive to calm thought and concentration.


Your desk should suit your needs. If you need an impact desk to establish dominance in your office, that’s a legitimate need. Other people, however, may need a more ergonomic work space. Men are generally taller, with a longer reach than women, so they’ll be able to use a large desk more efficiently. Some women like bigger desks, too, because they can place items toward the outer edges of the desk, freeing up work space.

In general, evaluate the way you like to work. If you like everything within reach, and one central work station, you may benefit from a U shaped desk. This allows you to have a layout space on one side, a computer station on the other, and a space for paperwork in the middle.

If you tend to be somewhat restless, consider setting up work stations in your office. An L shaped desk will give you a computer workspace and a spot for paperwork. For a layout area, where you spread out work that needs to be collated or sorted, a built in bookcase with a great counter in front may be perfect for you.


Filing cabinets are some of the ugliest furniture in the office. They simply cannot be avoided, however, and the type you select can be based on how much you must file. Compact, built-ins may be crucial if you have a lot of filing to do. But, if you just need 3 to 4 drawers, a furniture piece can look very professional.