How to Make Your Office Space Special


When it comes to our office space, we never really think about how much time we actually spend there. We are there for the better part of our day today lives, we eat lunch at our desks sometimes and sometimes even breakfast and dinner too. So it would make sense to have that space as functional and tailor-made as much as possible – yet many of us neglect to do so. By optimizing our office space, we can optimize our productivity and this could lead to that coveted raise that we have always hankered after.

So how do you create a personal office space that works for you, without making it look like an interior design project and creating huge amounts of interest and even scorn from our fellow co-workers? Here are some of the best ways to utilize our office spaces, so that it is great for us as well as our productivity at work.


This is one of life’s biggest enemies. Clutter is one of the biggest obstacles standing in our way of health, wealth and happiness in our homes, cars, offices, wardrobes and handbags. Piles and piles of unattended mail, books, papers, laundry and bits and pieces are a direct reflection of what is going on in our minds. And by clearing through the clutter and taking back control of your life, sanity, and workspace – in your home and office – you will have made dramatic moves towards the success that you strive to achieve.

The bottom line is – your workspace has a direct impact on your productivity, your mood and how your fellow colleagues and boss perceive you. Efficiency and productivity and all round feelings of wellbeing and happiness start by being clutter free.

Functionality and Inspiration

Work and office furniture and stationary are boring – hardly the hilt of inspiration right there. But there are some funky, yet functional additions that you can make to your office space so that you are not engulfed by charcoal grey, beige and white colour schemes that drain your soul and your motivation at the same time.

Brighten up your office space with a bright blue waste paper bin, pen holder and funky mouse pad for your desk. Choose filing card holders, scissors, paperclips, staplers and that kind of thing in bright, cheerful and refreshing colours. This way when you arrive at your clutter free desk in the morning, the fresh colours will inspire you and get you ready for a productive day ahead.

Be careful not to over stimulate your entire office by purchasing something funky that crowds every space on your desk – soon the entire colour wheel will be represented and instead of inspiration you could find yourself in an over stimulated frenzy. Less is always more.

Colours like red and orange are very stimulating but you do need to balance out the workplace with subtle tones of blue. But with just blue alone – it may not be enough to keep you focused throughout the day as you may feel like the pastel tones have brought you to a yoga class.

Green Spaces = Stress Relief

It is no secret that having plants in an office or a beautiful view over a wide open green space will provide many balanced aspects to your work place. If you do not have a sweeping view over the park below or out over a rolling garden, you might want to think about bringing in some green of your own.

Indoor plants, succulents or even regular fresh posies on your desk or in your office will make a big difference in the balance of your work place, in terms of mood and helping to create an ambience of calm.


Take a look at the office space of top management – what does it look like, what kind of personal items are seen there and what does your office space look like in comparison? You can be sure that the CEO or top manager has a spacious, functional work space with perhaps one or two personal photographs. But you can be sure that there are not a million electric pink post its stuck around computer screens, with 50 pictures of the family dog vying for space on the windowsill like a Facebook page collage, nor are there the 30 latest crayon drawings from their 2 year old plastered all over the wall.

Take a good hard look at the most successful person in your office – what does their space say about them? Keep your personal memories to a minimum and make your office reflect who you are at work and where you are going – create the credibility you strive for and stand out from the rest whose offices look like they work at Martha Stewart.