How to redesign your spare room

How to redesign your spare room

Everyone’s got a spare room in the house – too small, awkwardly shaped, pokey, and often left abandoned to collect the clutter from the rest of the home. But a spare room can often be a gem in disguise – and with a few easy changes can become that perfect playroom to keep all the kids’ clutter neatly stored, an oasis of calm as a grown up den, or the perfect spot for a home office. Check out our top ideas on how you can turn this much-ignored room into your favourite spot in the house.

The Playroom

Tempting as it might be to bombard kids with all the latest gadgets, must haves and technology to keep them occupied, most kids don’t actually need a lot to keep them busy and happy. A space all of their own – just to play, dream and create – is a great step towards independence, and ideal for younger kids just starting to make their own world around them.

While too much colour can make a room feel small, boring neutrals are no fun, especially for kids. Create something exciting and different by adding splashes of colour on pale walls. Wall decals are a great way to create a playful, fantasy setting – from castles and princesses, to race cars and space ships – they can be peeled off and reapplied easily. Add a spacious chest to store toys and a small bookcase to keep favourite games and books close at hand.

The grown-up den

Grown ups need a space to think and be creative too – why not use a spare room to indulge your passions? From an artist’s studio to a private library, all you need is a little careful planning beforehand.

If you’ve got good natural light, a spare room will make an ideal spot to paint and draw – set up your tools – whether it’s an easel or a sewing machine, where you’ve got the best light. Try industrial toolboxes to store fiddly items away neatly. Add <a href=>the latest dab-radio</a> for endless inspiration and great tunes.

The home office

Spare rooms make great studies and home offices – being small, they’re well suited spaces for a private spot to work. A good desk is essential – with limited space you want to make the most of your organisation, so choose a desk with multiple compartments, and a shape that fits in well. Use wall space creatively with shelving units to keep paperwork and stationary close at hand.

Keep the room feeling spacious and breezy with pale, bright colours – blue is perfect for creating a calm atmosphere, and makes a small room feel much rather than it really is.