Organisation In The Office

If you work in an office you will at one time or another find that there is a lack of organisation when it comes to piles of paperwork lying around. A quick tidy up can often sort the issue out however will it last long? Simply moving the paper around and making smaller piles only makes it look tidier rather than organised. It is essential for organisation in an office in order for things to run smoothly, which is why I have put together some tips that you can follow on office storage solutions.

A huge part of running a business is dealing with the financial side of things; it is therefore paramount that you are able to find exactly what you need when you need it. A great way of organising your financial paperwork and bills is through the use of a bill binder. This will allow you to store everything in one place preventing you frantically searching for a particular document.  Bill binders are a lot better for storing bills than filing cabinets however you can keep your bill binder in the filing cabinet for safe keeping.

Everything in your office should be labelled accordingly so that you and others know exactly where to find what you are looking for. You should label everything from files to filing cabinets and boxes to draws.

Tangled wires and cables can be the most frustrating and messy thing in an otherwise clean office. Not only do they look bad but they can be a health and safety risk if not dealt with properly. To sort this one out you may have to unplug them all one by one and untangle them. You can then tidy them up by tucking them underneath the carpet, stapling them to walls and desks or by putting them into a cable tidy. If you want to be extra organised you could use different coloured tape on each of the wires to determine what they are for.

Baskets are a cheap and effective way of organising your office as they store things well. You can use baskets for a number of reasons such as holding your mail and stationary etc. You can also use them for holding paper to be recycled and contribute to keeping the planet green.

Every office should have a shredder to allow the safe disposal of documents containing personal or sensitive information. This will prevent others from coming across any details that are confidential. As well as this a shredder conveniently compresses paper creating more space in the recycle bins.

Technology has become a part of everyday life particularly in businesses. Most businesses now store most of their information electronically on computers, USB sticks and hard drives. Some even save documents online. The reason for this is it looks better, can be backed up, found easily and it creates a paperless office. As well as keeping the office tidy it is great for the environment.

Finally a peg board can be very useful in an office. They look just like the ones you find in garages or shops, only instead of hanging hammers, handsaws and screwdrivers on the wall, you'll hang rulers, tape, scissors, clipboards and other office tools that have convenient holes in the middle of them. You can even attach small boxes to the pegboard for papers and other hole-less objects.