Renovate Your Home Office To Look Like A Home Not Office

More and more people are taking full advantage of the opportunities to work from home. However, most of these “home offices” are dull, lifeless and insipid making it difficult for you to spend the whole day in that room. It can be little tricky to induce the same warmth and liveliness in your office and to make it as inviting as rest of your home.

Top Home Office Renovation Tips:

Following lines explain some of the most interesting tips that will make your home office big on home and high on function.

  • Use Your Most Favorite Color:

It is a great idea to use your favorite color in the room where you have to spend a lot of time. You need not to keep the cabinets in your office white or dull as you can stamp a piece of your personality in your office and make it more beautiful.

  • Have a Special Collection:

Use a special collection of decorative items to adorn your office that makes you sing every time you see it. The items can include anything like large canvas prints or a beautiful antique. Furthermore, shift your office to that part of your house that you like the most.

  • Dual Purpose Offices:

A little siesta in the afternoon can greatly enhance your performance. Therefor you can incorporate a bed or a little sofa in your office to make it a dual purpose space where you can work as well as relax.

  • Creative Walls:

As discussed above, office should not always be dull and you can make yours more attractive and full of life by creating beautiful ascent walls. You can adorn the office walls by some great colorful wallpaper, using memorable photos on canvas prints or doing a “wild” thing with the fun rug or carpet.

  • Fascinating Color Schemes:

The use of color schemes play a pivotal role in making a room more beautiful and adorable and same is the case with home offices. For instances, a bright yellow color used in combination with a red one will impart a gorgeous look to the surrounding  making everything else to shine as well.

  • A Cozy Spot:

Just like any other room in the home, the office also needs a comfortable spot in the corner where you can enjoy the morning coffee while reading Wall Street Journal or other business magazines. This will definitely make your office more like home rather than a workspace.

  • Office is Not an Office:

You can make your office look just like an ordinary part of your residence by installing daily routine things. For instance, a stunning little chandelier, fresh and enchanting flowers and a classic telephone is all you require to convert your office into a more “home like” place.

  • Add Unexpected Features:

Another sensational idea to give your home office a more of home feel is to add some beautiful but unexpected features in the area. For instance, you can place a great comfortable seat near the window in addition with a fab chandelier that does not look odd either.

  • Plenty of Light:

If fortunately you have a room in your office that has plenty of light and from where you can see fabulous sceneries, make it your office. Plenty of light and breathtaking views will make you enjoy your work and will prevent boring and laziness as well.


These are some of the tips that will definitely convert your home office from a dull boring space to an attractive and livelier one where you can work and enjoy.