Top 10 Finishing Touches for Your Home Office

Top 10 Finishing Touches for Your Home Office

  1. Desk Lamps

When you are working on a computer for an extended amount of time, it is critically important that you make sure your environment is properly lit to avoid straining your eyes. Plus the right desk lamp can really set off your desk and make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Here are some examples of some really cool desk lamps.

  1. Coffee Machine

Most of us would admit that we are slaves to caffeine and that our cups of coffee fuel our most productive days. If that is the case it is time to spend some time getting a good quality coffee machine in your home office so you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee at anytime of the day. We would recommend shopping around for a wholesale coffee company like Discount Coffee and asking them to throw in some free coffee when you buy your machine.

  1. LED Clock

IF you are trying to concentrate on a particularly hard task, the smallest of noises can put you off and start to annoy you. One of these noises is the slow ticking of an analogue clock. To avoid this why not update to an LED projector clock and have the time silently projected on to the wall of you office. Not only will it get rid of the noise, it will give you office an cool, edgy futuristic look.

  1. 2nd Monitor

Want to double your productivity? Then simply get a second monitor, a study conducted by Microsoft shows that a second monitor allows you to multi task much more effectively, allowing you to get more done in the precious working time that you have.

  1. Cable Tidy

If you have a complicated setup of PC towers, printers, phone cables, modems and hundreds of other wired devices, things can quickly get very messy and disorganised. Get rid of all the cable clutter around your desk with a simple cable tidy. This not only allows you to make the office space a safer trip free zone, but it also extends the life of you cables and stops them getting damaged over the long term.

  1. Chair Lumbar Support

Sitting down for prolonged periods of time is very bad for your health. If you don’t exercise after you work, you will find that you start to get aches and pains in your neck and lower back. In order to minimise the risk of getting back pain, invest in a lumbar support for your chair. This nifty furniture ad on supports your lower back, taking pressure away from your tailbone and spine and distributing it more evenly, ultimately allowing for a more comfortable working experience. Alternatively, if you have some additional budget I would opt for a specifically designed chair to help you bad back.

  1. Coffee Table

In order to come up with new ideas, you need a more neutral part of the office where you can think up new ideas and have a little bit of down time. Having a coffee table away from your main workspace allows to mentally escape your desk, giving you an alternative view point that should help the flow of more creative ideas.

  1. Executive Toys

Have you ever been on the phone to a client for over an hour? If you answered yes, then you know that stress levels can easily escalate when being bombarded with questions. Therefore, why not invest in some executive toys like a stress ball or a Newton’s cradle. The stress ball will allow you to take you anger out on an inanimate object and the soothing click of the Newton’s cradle will help you zone out of the stressful situation and bring your heart rate down to the same pace.

  1. Whiteboard

Brainstorming is great for quickly getting new ideas out into the open, but maintaining lots of scraps of paper can become messy and can often lead to good ideas being forgotten about. Therefore, why not add a whiteboard into your office so you can serve yourself with a constant reminder of you new ideas that you need to follow through with.

  1. Photo Frame

I personally like to keep inspiring messages around my workspace to keep me motivated at all times, however for those of us that don’t need the extra motivation, a picture of you loved ones always works well to remind you that there is more to life than just work.

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Ross is a self proclaimed geek from Edinburgh, working with Discount Coffee, a local coffee wholesaler.