When Should You Get A New Office?

When Should You Get A New Office?

Once a business begins to grow and flourish, you may consider moving at some point, especially to a larger office space. There are a number of advantages for doing this but there also some major things to take into account before you decide to make the big move:

Why Do You Want To Move?

Moving offices is a big upheaval for all involved so you need to make sure you have a valid reason for moving. If your business is steadily growing at a fast rate and you need to employ more staff, therefore you will need more space, so moving to larger premises would be a necessity. Deciding to move on a whim because you feel like a change of scenery, is not a good enough reason to disrupt your business. Unless of course, you have the money and the time to waste. If you are considering relocating, it’s probably best not to move right in the middle of an important project or campaign and wait until a quieter period.

Relocation is an excellent way to increase office size, often without incurring extra rent and rates, there are areas in the country that invite businesses of all sizes to move from larger city centres to their new developments. This is particularly useful if your type of business that doesn’t need to be easily accessible for visits by your customers, (mail order company for instance) local authorities and government departments often provide grants and assistance to encourage businesses to move to more under developed areas and can help and advise on moving house and other matters of relocating (finding local schooling for example) for key staff that you want to move with you.

Look At Different Options

If lack of space is an issue, consider other ways of making the most of the space available to you. Shuffle round furniture; perhaps look at other ways of increasing room in the office. Invest in space-saving and streamlined storage solutions or even storing unimportant files elsewhere. If your budget allows, if space is a real issue and you have to cut down on the amount of employees, is there any work that can be completed out of the office? If so, think about using a freelancer or allowing some members of staff to work from home to free up extra desk space.

Is Your Office Holding You Back?

Depending on the type of business you have and the sector you’re in, where your office is situated is important. Particularly if you have clients coming to the office regularly, it is probably beneficial to move to an office that is more central so that it’s easy for people to find and get to. If your office is old and lacking the necessary technology and facilities that you need to run your business, then it’s time to make the transition to the 21st century so that you can stay up to the minute and stay one step ahead of your competition.

This post was written by the team at Whitefield’s Document Storage